The grand tour of German manufactories around the world
The grand tour of German manufactories around the world


Curated by Pascal Johanssen and Katja Kleiss of the Direktorenhaus Berlin, the realism of German quality work is on the road. The concentrated collection of contemporary quality productions shows masterpieces by 300 German manufacturers, artisans and designers, all handmade. After St. Petersburg the collection is traveling among others to Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi.


Germany has numerous outstanding manufactories that produce at the highest level. The reason lies in the historical tradition of German craftsmanship. The schooling from apprentice to journeyman and finally master training is unique in the world, providing broad access to traditional knowledge and an exceptional depth in the field, making handicrafts one of the country's most innovative industries. The exhibition "Handmade in Germany" shows German handcrafts, influenced by the spirit of artist movements like Werkbund and Bauhaus, as one of the most important components of the cultural heritage in Germany. "Handmade in Germany" is a journey through modern and traditional Germany, of its things and its people. The exhibitors include world-renowned luxury manufacturers, local manufacturers, individual designers and award-winning art workshops. The mixture of small and large, known and undiscovered manufacturers forms the essentials that build the attraction of the exhibition.

Cultural importance

The exhibition is an impressive illustration of the diversity of German culture and traditions and their current state and development in global world affairs. It shows the knowledge and creativity of craft-driven quality production, as the products are not just objects but are also bearers of identities and values. The exclusive spectrum of the exhibition presents exhibits that are hosted by leading German museums and also parts of state and private collections. The multifaceted nature of the exhibition covers innovative and characterful design pieces, developed by well-known and award-winning German artists, individual artisan crafts and the taste of the new and appealing gastronomy culture of Germany.

Aesthetic education

The sense of beauty fulfills an evolutionary function for humans. The consideration of beautiful things inspires the individual to strive for higher ideals. At a time when mass production aims to converge human lives, the ability to perceive the surrounding material world and to differentiate forms and shapes, materials, functions and customs is disappearing. The exhibition "Handmade in Germany" tends to raise awareness of the need for a pronounced aesthetic education - in the sense of a conscious perception of the surrounding world of things. At the same time, the exhibition promotes the awareness of quality through a trained eye and keen interest.


Manufactories set an example for sustainable economic activity through their production radius, their production process that spares natural resources and the long-lifetime of their products. The exhibition „Handmade in Germany“ wants to show that, in the context of global change and in the course of progressive standardization, digitalization and dematerialization, medium-sized manufacturers in particular offer an ideal alternative to common economic and business models. Above all, the manufactories are characterized by personal and close customer relations, manageable structures, local and regional supply as well as ecological responsibility. Additionally they assume an important function for the community.

Promoting young talents

The exhibition aims to stimulate the promotion of young talents, especially in the specialized craft trades. Graduates and apprentices should be inspired by the exhibition "Handmade in Germany" and recognize the personal opportunities that can arise through the practice of a crafting profession of the branches and trades represented. The production of the manufactories focus on the quality of work and the improvement of one's own abilities - values from which personal fulfillment and self-confidence can be drawn in addition to the interest in the respective contents of the professions. The exhibition should not encourage graduates in Germany only, but also inspire young people attending the international stations of the tour to get in contact with renowned companies and manufacturers and approach career paths through personal dialogue.


The exhibition and accompanying events build a platform for intensive networking and cooperation between German and international manufacturers, designers, intermediaries and scientists. It promotes the connection of design networks, strengthening the intercultural placement and management capacities of distribution partners as well as the relationship with local institutions of the respective host countries.