The world tour „Handmade in Germany“ is organized by Meisterrat e.V., based in the Direktorenhaus in Berlin. The Meisterrat is a lively community of manufactories and designers and promotes creative handicraft with initiatives, publications and numerous presentations within Germany and overseas. The members of the Meisterrat connect an understanding of quality, which is reflected in artisanal and limited production. Its members include small and medium-sized businesses as well as large factories and individuals.

As an organization, the Meisterrat represents the manufactories and workshops and contributes to the economic development of creative handicrafts in Germany. The organization focuses on 7 main topics:

Digital transformation
Education and Youth
Foreign Trade
Intangible cultural heritage


Currently, the Meisterrat has organized over 20 exhibitions in Germany and overseas, seen by around 1.5 million visitors. The international exhibition "Handmade in Germany" has been touring the world since 2014.

One of the most important events of the Meisterrat is the "Manufakturentag", which takes place annually at various locations in Germany. The „Deutsche Manufakturenstraße“, launched by the Meisterrat 2015, is a cultural tourism experience route along the manufactories across all regions of Germany. With thematic "focus groups", the Meisterrat develops economic policy positions that feed into the political opinion-forming process.