“Handmade in Germany” sends its exhibition`s quality productions to Brussels, making it the 13th stop in the world tour. The city of Brussels forms the center of the Brussels-Capital Region and is the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium. Furthermore, Brussels is also known as the headquarters of the European Union and the seat of NATO worldwide.

The political discourse of the city also runs on smaller levels. The city, with about 180,000 inhabitants and as one of 19 municipalities in the region, is also an administrative center overseeing the French Community of Belgium and the Flanders and Flemish Community.

Far from political importance, Brussels is an industrial and commercial city. In the center of the country, the city is an important transportation hub due to its location. In addition, the city is a science and culture center with two universities, few colleges, academies, and a rich display of libraries, museums, and cultural institutions of the performing arts.

Handmade in Germany


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