The 11th exhibition of the world tour „Handmade in Germany“ will take place in Europe and visit Copenhagen. As an economic and cultural center of the country , Copenhagen is the seat of the government and the residence of the Danish Queen Margrethe II. The capital of Denmark is one of the most famous metropolises in Northern Europe and therefore a popular tourist destination.

In Danish language Copenhagen is called Køpmannæhafn, which translates to “port of the merchants“ and expresses the former importance of the city’s port as a point for trade. Today the municipality of Copenhagen has 613,288 inhabitants and the capital in the formal sense, consisting of København, Frederiksberg and Gentofte, is home to 793,501 inhabitants.

The city has been selected several times as the “most livable city in the world” – reasons for that include the exciting architecture that stretches along the entire city, the green spaces in the city and the harbor, not only as a trading point, but also as a seaside resort. The young and at the same time historic city stands out for its high standard of living offering excellent infrastructure with cycle paths.The metropolis is home to renowned Scandinavian designers, making it a paramount destination for people with high design affinity and is also a culinary paradise.

Handmade in Germany


Bella Center Copenhagen
Center Boulevard 5