The capital city of Qatar, Doha, is situated at the Persian Gulf and houses 521,283 people. The population is 796,947 inhabitants. The city is rapidly growing with Ar-Rayyan, just nine kilometers away. As in many cities on the Persian Gulf, the skyline of Doha is increasingly characterized by impressive high-rise buildings, some of which show striking Arab motifs.

In order to provide a city-planning direction for Doha’s urban development, which was planned until the 2000s, a development plan was created, which aims at a multi-purpose city center with a shopping area of 129,000 square meters. A large hotel, four office and residential buildings and 2500 parking spaces complete the center. Sales and entertainment zones with department stores and brand outlets as well as restaurants, cinemas, skating rinks and bowling lanes are also planned.

The oil expeditions begun in 1949, which, together with the fishing industry, established the new prosperity of Qatar. Most of the capital is invested in Doha, where today almost half of the country’s population lives. With the economic upturn, Qatar was able to build a differentiated training system. Important positions in the economy and the education sector are still occupied by experts from all over the world, but the trend is decreasing because more and more well-educated young Qataris are pushing into the appropriate positions.

Since 1998, the Qatar Masters, an international golf tournament, has been held at the Doha Golf Club. In December 2006, the city hosted the 15th Asian Games. In 2022, the FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar and numerous games will take place at the capital Doha in six air-conditioned stadiums. In addition to the enthusiasm for sporting events, the cultural spirit of the city is thriving: the National Museum Qatar and the new Museum of Islamic Art, which is one of the largest in the world with an exhibition space of 45,000 square meters, present national and international exhibitions. The National Museum of Qatar, the Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum and the Doha Fire Station are also currently being planned.


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