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Hong Kong is the host of the 7th station of the exhibition „Handmade in Germany“. With Hong Kong, the “Handmade in Germany”-Worldtour reaches its next exhibition venue in Asia. In March, the exhibition will be presented in the UMAG Museum and Art Gallery. In addition to its own collections of bronze, ceramics, painting, sculpture, wood and furniture, the UMAG, Hong Kong’s large-scale art museum, regularly exhibits exhibitions ranging from contemporary to ancient Chinese and Western art. With its focus on the various styles of craftsmanship, the museum is a perfect partner for our “Handmade in Germany”-Worldtour.

Hong Kong itself is an impressive city. The seven million inhabitants, which live on an area of 1104 km2, make the city in the mouth of the Pearl River a lively mega city. Hong Kong remains as the international gateway to China which makes it a particularly important stop for the “Handmade in Germany” exhibition. Here, ideas, trade, financial sector and service meet in a certain environment and offer exciting connecting points for companies and cooperative ventures.

Chinese and English are namely the two official languages which have a major influence on the cultural scene; however, the vast majority of residents have Chinese ancestry, and mainly speak Cantonese as their mother tongue, which accounts for 95 percent of the city population. The diversity of languages is also reflected in the variously practiced religions. There is a tolerant coexistence between Buddhism, Confucianism, and Catholicism. The special status of Hong Kong is manifested in its designation as a Special Administrative Region on the southern coast of the People’s Republic of China. Since 1841, Hong Kong was occupied during the First Opium War of Great Britain and was appointed to the colony two years later; this offered a shelter for numerous Chinese people from their homes in the time of the Chinese Civil War (1927-1949) because of the military conflicts over the political leadership in China. After 1997, the state sovereignty was transferred to the People’s Republic of China; Hong Kong enjoys a Chinese Special Administrative Region of the privilege of a free market economy and the utmost autonomy.

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