Moscow presents the 2nd station of the „Handmade in Germany“ world tour. Moscow is not only the capital of the Russian Federation but it’s the most populous city with 11.55 million inhabitants and also the heart of Russian politics, economics, religion and culture. The numerous facets of this city located on the Moskva River metropolis are founded on an eventful history which goes back to the year 1147 when Moscow was first mentioned in writing.

The Kremlin and the Red Square today represent the political centre of the Russian state. Right at the southern end of the Red Square there is another symbol of the city – the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed which ranks as one of the symbols for the pervasive religiosity of the country due to its distinctive architecture. The diversity of the Russian soul is reflected in the numerous cultural establishments of Moscow. Since 2011, the Bolshoi Theatre has been shining again in new splendour after extensive renovations and restoration measures, and formerly offered an impressive stage to one of the oldest and most distinguished ballet companies, the Bolshoi Ballet.


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