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Shanghai I

The first stop in Asia is Shanghai and hosts the 3rd station of the „Handmade in Germany“ world tour. Shanghai serves especially as the most important industrial centre of the People’s Republic of China and is undoubtedly one of the largest and most majestic cities in the world. Aided by the port location in the estuary of the Yangtze River on the Huangpu River, the city is a weighty transportation hub; it is not in vain that the name of the city means “up the sea”.

As is typical of many cities in Asia, Shanghai is also defined by its own differences. On the one hand futuristic skyscrapers dominate the skyline, on the other hand, the traditional style is bound by the traditional building style of miniature buildings with pagoda-shaped roofs’ charming accents – unshakable belief in progress encounters historically-developed cultural heritage. The People’s Square is a spectacular opera house which was inaugurated in 1998 and its three performance spaces offer sufficient space for concert performances, Chinese operas, productions of Western plays and many other events. The Shanghai Museum waits for the same ten galleries that give a comprehensive insight into the Chinese art and cultural history. The appreciation of traditional craftsmanship is evident in the presentations organized several times daily that turn, for example, ancient pottery techniques to life. Amongst the most striking temple is the Confucius Temple Built in 1855 inside of which, in the flanking side halls, today exhibition projects show classical art and culture. For ten years the ornate wood carvings and gilded decoration of the Buddhist Jing’an Temple have been opened again to the public after extensive renovations. Hardly any other city in China exudes so much western Zeitgeist: in the district of Pudong modern new buildings are lined abruptly together. In record time, Shanghai has become a hotspot for luxury and fashion alongside cities such as London, Paris and Tokyo.


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