Our 5th exhibition in Shenzhen led to contacts from surrounding cities, which enabled us to place the 6th exhibition of the “Handmade in Germany” at another station in Zhuhai over the turn of the year. The exhibition took place at the Jin Hai An Art and Cultural Center, which is a new cultural building in Zhuhai that recently opened.

Zhuhai was a discovery in the best sense of the word: the city is called the “City of Romanticism”, the region is called the Chinese Riviera. For travelers it is primarily interesting as it borders on Macau. The city has hardly any natural or cultural attractions, but is very popular with business people from Hong Kong or Macau as a weekend destination. The city is exciting: the currently four golf courses (another two under construction), a racetrack, various recreational parks and other leisure activities, combined with the low prices, make Zhuhai a popular place for the Chinese upper class. Basically Zhuhai is to Macau as Shenzhen is to Hong Kong. Both of these special economic zones, which were founded by China in the capitalist model in order to profit in the driving force of the two self-administration zones. It was not until 1979 that a town with over a million inhabitants developed from a fishing village, after becoming a special economic zone a year earlier. There are living 1.4 million inhabitants on 1653 square kilometers; compared to that, Macau is almost uninhabited. The “Handmade in Germany” exhibition met with great curiosity by the predominantly young audience, but also with strong interest by the city’s political leadership.


Handmade in Germany

29.12.2016 – 15.01.2017

Jin Hai An Art and Cultural Center