German-Russian Meeting Centre

The main partner for the Handmade Exhibition in St. Petersburg is the German-Russian Meeting Centre, a foundation which develops and promotes German-Russian Relations.

Especially within a time of political turmoil, the exhibition in St. Petersburg gives the opportunity to gather both nations and signal the friendship between Germany and Russia. Therefore, a conscious decision has been made to partner up with this organisation, which has been a mediator between both nations over decades.

The Meeting Centre, headed by Arina Nemkowa is an institution that has forged the russian-german relationship by organising cultural events, exchange programmes and language courses. Thanks to Arina Nemkowa and her german-russian team, it has been possible to keep the foundation working independently, without any funding from the german government.

Germans have a prominent and long tradition within St. Petersburg with roots that go way back to a distant past. Peter the Great, once planned a cosmopolitan and multi ethnic city, inspired by the west. He opened the gates to emigrants from all over Europe, especially Germany. The heart of the ‘German St. Petersburg’ is the Saint Peter’s Church, in the centre of the city along the Nevski Prospekt Boulevard. The Peter and Paul Cathedral was decorated with elements of romantic classicism and reminds of the romanesque architecture of western churches. For a long time, the Saint Peters Church was also the cultural centre of the german community in St. Petersburg. Thanks to the support of Germany, it has been possible to renovate the church in 1993 and therefore give it back to the community. In its annex emerged the cultural education and meeting centre, which has restored this area as the melting pot of european and especially german culture.