The German Manufacturers Guide 2015

New in 2015: ‘The German Manufacturers Guide 2015’ The handbook‘

The German Manufacturers Guide 2015’ published by Deutsche Standards, gathers the most beautiful german manufacturies in one book and is set to raise a new standard within this subject area. It reveals which establishments offer viewings, where to find factory shops and exhibition workshops, as well as other valuable information. Everything is presented in a clear structure, complemented by an alphabetical and postal code registry, as well as icons that are accessed intuitively.

The editors Wigmar Bressel (Partner at the Silverware Manufactory Koch und Bergfeld), Pascal Johanssen (Director of the Direktorenhaus Berlin) and Olad Salié (Executive editor of Deutsche Standards EDITIONEN) want, above all, one thing: To create enthusiasm towards handmade products, which are created with a extraordinary amount of delicacy and great passion.

The ceremonial book launch is expected to be held during a festive manufacturers dinner, within the German Manufacturers Summit at the Direktorenhaus Berlin in spring 2015.