International cooperation with Russian Business Association

The Saint Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA) and Direktorenhaus Berlin will join forces and cooperate in the context of the “Handmade in Germany” exhibition that will open its gates on the evening of the 19th of September 2014 in the German Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Paul in the heart of St. Petersburg.

SPIBA is an international, non-profit, independent organization uniting international and Russian companies that share SPIBA’s mission and principles. SPIBA’s mission is to facilitate business development for its members in Northwest Russia, by providing a platform for open dialog, lobbying and cooperation with the government.

This international cooperation aims at bringing together leading German and international manufacturers and the economic elite of Russia. At networking events and discussion forums representatives from all different business sectors will have the opportunity to meet, share ideas and create new visions. The events will be hosted by the initiators of this cooperation Karina Khabacheva, Executive Director of SPIBA, and Pascal Johanssen, Curator of “Handmade in Germany” and Founder of Direktorenhaus in Berlin.

The cooperation will be kicked of with an exclusive preview tour of the “Handmade in Germany” exhibition world tour that officially starts in St. Petersburg. The event will be rounded off with talks and cocktails.

Guests and attendees will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the masterpieces of German design and craft exhibited in the “Handmade in Germany” show which offers a wide range of exciting exhibits including a selection of unique and modern, premium-quality handmade objects of the highest quality – in comparison to mass-produced items influenced by globalization.