Kunstblumenmanufaktur Heide Steyer

Kunstblumenmanufaktur Heide Steyer

“In spring the flowers bloom, in autumn they wither away” – the products of the manufactory Steyer playfully negate this law of nature. The company based in Saxony makes pin flowers that, in their featherlight and colourful aesthetic, manage to combine the artful and the natural as almost nothing else can.

The family business, resident in a four-sided courtyard in Wallroda, Saxony, has collected almost a century’s worth of experience and goes back to its founding in Seibnitz, a centre for the making of artificial flowers. Today the fine craft of silk flowers is threatened by extinction, in the making of which the spouses Steyer have carved out for themselves a small but exquisite niche. They have single-handedly managed to reinvigorate a cultural practice of regional heritage.

With their variety of creations they manage to export a local tradition into a global network: their flowers can be seen gracing extravagant weddings of the British aristocracy, in Hollywood movies and in the living rooms of townships in Saxony.

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